Best Practices For Managing Virtual Teams And Meetings

The main goal is to level the playing field in meetings for all workers. This comes down to a couple of things like using the proper tools/software and equipment so that everyone tuning into the meeting is equally included, whether they are in the office or remote. So, it’s important that managers not only have the right tech stack in place, but also the right mindset when it comes to how they manage their teams and meetings. A great place to start is by conducting meetings with a remote-first approach. In the past couple decades, countless solutions have been created to enable teams to be just as, if not more effective when it comes to their overall communication and productivity.

  • Have them assign due dates to each item so you can track their progress, and schedule daily check-ins over video until they are ready to step into their new role with confidence.
  • As a former journalist, he's always looking for new topics and industries to write about and explore.
  • Focusing on asynchronous work doesn’t mean eliminating all meetings, just the unnecessary ones.
  • Despite productivity however I could not help but wonder what effect this will have on employees general well being in the long run.
  • A monthly Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is even more important during quarantine, while many employees must work from home.

The advent of constantly connected digital devices has created an environment where face-to-face meetings don’t need to be the default. Location and time-shifted meetings are now possible, and growing in popularity. Conversation often spins into the latest Netflix series, personal lives and current events. For those who work remotely, these can feel like a really valuable time to interact with coworkers in a fun and easy way.

Tips For Improving Your Remote Meetings

Use this to keep track of ongoing meetings, projects, and earned company knowledge. GetApp recently collected 15 software vendors offering free plans, trials, services, and more to help businesses with their video conferencing during COVID -19. That everyone has the proper technology to handle a remote meeting. It can be as simple as starting a Skype conversation with one or more people, or as complicated as scheduling a video conference call with numerous dispersed speakers. They can be as intimate as a one-on-one video interview, or as public as a company-wide conference. Don’t forget about the appreciation and motivation that should keep coming from managers/peers, even for small acts of success.

When working remotely, your team members may not always have an idea of where you are at a given time. Thus, you would want to be clear about how you will keep an open line of communication and remove any communication barriers. When creating this rhythm for remote employees working in different time zones, ensure that the burden of inconvenience does not fall on one member.

Once the questions have been answered, you know when to end the meeting — and you can easily gauge if the meeting has been successful. Although it might seem that brainstorming is not something that can be done remotely, this is simply not true. Various tools mimic brainstorming (e.g., Mural, Stormboard) and mind-mapping (e.g., Mindomo and Mindmeister). These tools allow us to mimic during virtual meetings the brainstorming that we usually do on whiteboards. These are our best tips to make the most out of your remote meetings. You will find that several of the best practices listed here are familiar to you already, because they are good practice for all meetings, in person or remote.

Waterfall Project Management: Your Complete Guide

It should also help people stay focused on what’s important. Cross-team collaborative meetings are for two or more teams to sync on projects or mutual goals. These meetings should have prepared talking points and agendas sent to the team ahead of time and should allow plenty of time for questions from each team. If the meeting is regular (ex. a monthly sales and marketing meeting) and feels like it's sales presenting, then marketing presenting, then silence, try mixing up the format.

How do I run a team meeting remotely

Whether you use Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, or video capabilities built into HipChat and Slack, make sure that it works for all team members and everyone can hear and see one another. Otherwise your stand-up meetings will be spent troubleshooting, wasting everyone’s time. Klaxoon is a tool that provides a full suite of functions to make sure virtual meetings and other communication touchpoints engage employees and meet intended goals.

How Do You Create A Team Remotely?

You are also able to easily set up automations without coding experience to alert other team members when certain tasks are completed. As more people make the switch to remote, it becomes increasingly more important for organizations to implement policies and processes that support these workers. Managers should, yet often don’t change the way they How to run a successful remote meeting schedule team meetings. Rather, they continue with face-to-face meetings, requiring remote workers to call or Skype in. But consider adding in a few minutes for casual check-ins and small talk. This is extra important for remote employee bonding, as virtual team members don’t have a chance to chat with their neighbors throughout the workday.

Some managers of remote employees may be managing groups of co-located employees and remote employees at the same time. In such a situation, it is easy to end up with one group receiving more benefits than the other. As a remote team manager, you’ll need to come up with ways of ensuring that none of your team members suffers from social isolation. This could be done through the creative use of technology to create engagement.

How do I run a team meeting remotely

Decide on the tech that you’ll use to run and manage the meeting early on. Make sure that whatever conferencing solution you decide on is able to comfortably handle the number of people that you expect to use it at the meeting. Consider any third-party solutions that you might want to use for collaboration, recording the meeting, or facilitating communication during the meeting. This can be easier said than done in an agile retrospective held by distributed teams.

Don’t let anyone leave your meeting wondering what was accomplished or what the next steps are. Monthly research-based updates on what the future of work means for your workplace, teams, and culture. It's time to step outside the standard way of designing learning experiences.

For example, “is it more like a tree, or more like a pile of leaves? If you’re in a 5-people, 15-minute meeting and not paying attention, you’re A) wasting your time B) wasting the time of others. But it’s one thing to promise yourself that “it’ll only be 5 minutes” and actually deliver on that front.

But those are all moot if the team isn’t engaged when it comes time for the actual meeting. How to engage meeting attendees, whether they’re online or in person, introverts or extroverts. The first cadence was the monthly company update call. This gave the CEO a chance to share key metrics, company announcements, and other news. The CEO would present for minutes and then answer any questions people had .

Treating employees who work remotely as if all they want is to earn money for doing nothing—i.e. Micromanaging—will have a negative impact on collaboration and engagement. If this is not taken into account, managers may find themselves with employees who would be great in the co-location environment, but struggle in a remote setting. Both the employees and the manager may not have remote work experience and assume that the rules that applied in the office can be taken as they are and transferred to the remote environment. Thus, remote work requires different skills from those needed in the typical work arrangement.

Online Team Games & Activities For Virtual Team Building

Scheduling a recurring calendar invite is much more effective than relying on ad-hoc catch-ups. In fact, it’s proven that regular one-to-ones are beneficial for employee engagement. Want to take your remote management skills to the next level? Understanding how to run effective one-on-one meetings with your team is a great place to start.

Video conferences are, however, more engaging than audio calls. Another challenge of virtual meetings is that it can be a challenge to keep everyone focused and engaged. To start, holding online meetings involves some tech setup.

While remote meetings might seem difficult to manage, they’re not. A little planning is all you need to ensure a successful and productive remote meeting. Late starts to virtual meetings are huge time-wasters.

How do I run a team meeting remotely

On that note, don’t forget to account for time zones when scheduling meetings. Screenshare it.Sharing your computer screen in real time allows your employees to effectively “look over your shoulder” as you are talking. Your employees will be able to see your screen as you see it. You can also change the presenter, so you’ll be able to see the employee’s computer. Screenshare technology is the closest you can get to a physical meeting, and in many cases is actually more productive. Examples of services that you can use include Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts and

And What Are The Disadvantages Of Virtual Meetings?

Don’t treat these contributions or questions as lesser than speaking out loud. In fact, you should encourage anyone at the meeting to share ideas through that medium so that you can return to them when it makes sense in the flow of the meeting. Double back to include questions asked through text chat and cover every question just as you would had it been asked verbally. Find tools that will help to facilitate collaboration between team members. Parabol is an all-in-one solution that promotes collaboration through structured group discussions, file sharing, voting & surveys, and meeting wrap-up information delivery.

Use A Digital Whiteboard To Give Team Members A Chance To Participate Without Scrutiny

Then, on “camp day” your team members login to a video conference room for 90 minutes of camp games, trivia and historic ghost stories. The entire experience is run by one of our senior facilitators. It doesn’t matter if you’re discussing a skyscraper type of project or coffee break rules. In a now-famous email to Tesla employees, Elon Musk shared his formula for effective meetings.

Use Status Hero for 21 days with no obligation, payment, or credit card required. Take it for a spin by yourself, or add a few other people to see if it works for your team. Ultimately, the success of any stand-up meeting depends on team participation. If you can’t get people to engage, most of the value is lost. If something is blocking progress on your team, you need to know.

Consider Recording The Video

If anything else is left to be discussed, it can always be done in the next meeting. One last thing, while some say you should never bring more than seven people to a meeting, we at Slite try to reduce meetings to 3 people, as much as possible. The reporting is included for support, the meeting isn't about it . Reporting, sharing information should be done before the meeting so everyone can reflect on it and bring solutions and questions. Meetings must be dedicated to collaboration and work, not reporting. Have you ever been involved in a weekly meeting, held for the sole purpose of sharing information?

But as noted above, working remotely tends to expose in-person practices that are already problematic. If there is one thing you should do right now, it’s to examine your meeting culture, and your assumptions about what good looks like. Great feedback - given in the right way - fuels productivity. As a manager, it’s a skill you have to practice and implement during your one-on-one meetings. It’s worth remembering that the purpose of your one-to-ones will probably be slightly different for each person you're managing and will also differ from week to week.

To encourage greater participation and involve multiple people, use a digital whiteboard. Pose a question, ask team members to brainstorm and drop in sticky notes with their ideas, and then organize those sticky notes by theme or priority. A disadvantage to working remotely, as opposed to working in the same office as your team, is that there are fewer casual opportunities for team members to bond and get to know one another. Use the “Raise Hand” feature or chat to interject or ask questions in larger meetings. Sync your calendar with the company’s messaging platform or change your status when in meetings.

As a former journalist, he's always looking for new topics and industries to write about and explore. Remote meetings require all of the same structure and etiquette as an in-person meeting, but with added technical and distance barriers that need to be overcome. A reliance on screen sharing as a way to illustrate talking points. Given the current state of the world, many meetings will begin with everyone touching base about what’s going on. But be aware of the fatigue that can create in certain geographies.

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