Dedicated Team Model Everything You Need To Know

When your in-house team lacks experience and/or expertise related to the project at hand. Flexible approach to development that gives room for changing requirements. The client has to provide a precise scope and oversee the project to ensure the work being performed is relevant. By only using BairesDev’s resources, you can focus on key growth drivers while still being on control of the whole project. It’s important to ask about their hiring process and how they guarantee to work only with highly skilled candidates.

When choosing a dedicated team you should pay attention to the vendor's company. Analyze the reviews on various platforms and ask about the company's previous experience. We can pick the best specialists for your project based on your business goals and requirements. Founded in 2011, we’ve been providing full-cycle mobile and web development services to clients from various industries. We are fully prepared to work online and get things going regardless of the epidemiological situation.

What is a Dedicated Team

In most cases, it is a remote team of developers dedicated to working on one client’s project at a time. When you have a small-scale or a short-term project, connecting with a software development company that guides and builds it for you becomes easy. As we've mentioned before, a dedicated software development approach lives up to its name. It refers to a model where a virtual team is interweaved into a client’s software project, working out of the vendor's office. A dedicated development team is typically gathered by the vendor from the ground up and tailored to the client's project.

The Work Conditions Of A Dedicated Team That We Usually Propose To A Client Include The Following:

That’s the ultimate state most startups and beginners want to end up with. Although the model has many benefits, the list of things to take care of with an in-house team is long. Employee retention problems, long and expensive recruitment cycles, tools licensing and subscription costs, workflow, and procedure management… these are only some of them. Some rely on remote talents, while others outsource entire teams.

If your company lacks experts with the required skills for the project, you have to start the recruiting process that might take a while. When working with outsourcing IT companies, it becomes much easier to hire a professional project team quickly. Intellectsoft’s customers are involved continuously in the process of recruitment of the candidates, as we want to completely satisfy your Dedicated Development Team requirements. Project teams are highly motivated and enthusiastic as they aim to complete a project within stated time frames and make it most efficiently, even if it is of a high level of complexity. Bringing together different people that can come up with bright and innovative solutions for the project, have different views, and can look at any issue from another perspective.

Intellectsoft Engagement Models

They will do the necessary work without compromising the product’s quality. It's a great chance to reduce HR costs and slash the overheads that would be involved if you were to hire new employees. And give you key reasons why you might need to hire a dedicated team for your project.

  • Moreover, we can quickly scale your team in case you need additional specialists.
  • Users appreciate the app’s intuitive interface and convenient functionalities.
  • The outsourcing company manages the project and the team but offers multiple feedback options for the client.
  • It lowers productivity, attention span, concentration, thinking capacity, and IQ.
  • Customer success storiesGet to know our approach to partnership and collaboration through our customer success stories.
  • It can be 5 data operators or a single front-end developer — you set the rules.

When you hire a dedicated development team, it allows you to make up for the lack of seniority for your unique Genshaft idea. At the same time, you get the experience, skills, knowledge, and energy base you want. Dedicated team engagement model is an arrangement to provide clients with new team members without asking them to go through the hassles of hiring and training new members. This dedicated team could comprise designers, developers, QAs, or all available on a requirement basis. Your dedicated team should have the relevant skills and expertise that fully correspond to the project’s requirements. Because of that, the hiring process may take a substantial portion of time.

On one side, you have the company in need of more staff to handle their project, and on the other is a company or collective with the specialists ready to tackle new projects. After representatives of the two sides meet, it is important for them to discuss key details. The needs of the project may change with time, but it is crucial to establish specific terms for at least the beginning of cooperation. This includes the size and composition of the team, experience requirements, preliminary schedule, possible relocation, and various other organizational points. Altigee helps startups and tech companies build remote engineering teams or extend their existing teams with senior tech talent.

The talent crunch has made it hard for employers to find the right people. Hiring locally in such a scenario poses many challenges for recruiters like long time-to-hire, difficulty in attracting the right talent etc. Remote hiring could be just the change needed in your approach to help you find the right talent for the right role.

The benefit of working with Dedicated Teams is that you hire an expert all the time. Of the leading companies and brands worldwide report talent shortages. A one-stop solution for all your email marketing and tech needs. From email template designs to production support, we do it all. Our minimal yet effective design mantra brings to you attractive designs to make your business stand out. From display banners and landing pages to websites and email templates, our team of experienced graphic designers deliver it all with ease.

Let's Talk About Your Business Idea

We build a devoted team of top-notch experts who work exclusively on your business success. Moreover, we can quickly scale your team in case you need additional specialists. A technical specialist who develops the service architecture and controls the quality of the team’s work. Getting a software development service without a development budget is likely going to be futile. However, this business model also has its demerits to consider. On the other hand, increasing your in-house team is pretty daunting, costs more, and is time-consuming.

If you’re venturing into the tech business, chances are high that you don’t know what each job description means. Difficult to accurately estimate the required time for project completion. Client and team coordinate the project’s workflow, including development schedules and deliverables.

The vendor’s responsibility is to handle the administrative and organizational parts, manage payroll and accounting. Thus, we can genuinely talk about the client establishing a branch office in a foreign location with a managed offshore development center. It will also discuss how the dedicated team model works and how the Uptech team employs it to provide the best experience possible. Besides the dedicated team model, we can offer you a Time and Materials Contract and a Fixed Price Model.

You pay for the number of hours worked since you hired a team, and each employee has a specific hourly rate. We aim to fulfill the client’s needs on time and within the budget, and our dedicated developers are ready to lean in. The true cost of an app is difficult to predict without assessing the requirements. In this article, we provide approximate estimates regarding the price to build an app and explain what's included in every stage. Before applying for the outsourced provider, you need to think carefully about your business goal, necessary resources, the duration and the scale of your project. If you indeed have decided to use this business model in a short-term project, be ready to pay a pretty penny.

What is a Dedicated Team

If you are going to outsource your project’s development to a third-party vendor, you have three options. Those two cooperation models may look similar at first glance, but underneath the surface, they satisfy different needs and are made to aim different goals. One can’t underestimate the positive impact of a proper introduction to any new job.

There’s no point in assembling a dedicated team for too short projects. If you have an idea for a mini-project, you can hire several freelancers or stand-alone programmers. You won’t feel the price difference compared to software outsourcing, but you’ll save a lot of time on searching for the company that will help you. Besides, with a dedicated team model, you don’t have to expand your office for new employees because they work remotely. Other expenses like hardware, software, social package, recruiting also fall onto the vendor’s shoulders. At this stage, you should clearly define your requirements and expectations.

That’s why they should be treated with the same respect as anyone else in the company. The project may change in the course of time, leading to completely different goals and, ultimately, new requirements. The dedicated development team structure is built in a way that gives the project the flexibility to constantly evolve. States that the market for global software development outsourcing will grow 7.7 %, year on year from 2021 to 2027, taking the industry to $937 billion revenue in just six years. A lot of companies resort to a dedicated team model of engagement. QA engineerConectric was one of our projects developed using the dedicated team model.

Technologies We Use

Furthermore, new specialist types may be introduced at any time to address certain issues or improve coordination. Once the workers are no longer needed, the two partners can go their separate ways with no further obligations. When all stakeholders agree upon the scope of the work, as well as the other conditions and requirements, they proceed to the next phase– team set up. The R&D team that works only on the client’s project (5-10 people).

What is a Dedicated Team

Can afford expensive development and hire experienced professional project managers if required. Is another platform that helps companies to choose a software development vendor. It has in-built filters that divide specialists according to their specialization. The platform also creates reports in different fields and industries that may be useful while searching for a tech partner. However, if the project requires developers, the company may not have that much at the moment.

When you are looking to hire a dedicated team, don’t get bound to look for a nearby location. Anyway, the Dedicated team will be remotely, so it would be a problem if they belong to a far geographical location. You should focus on finding the right candidates that dedicatedly work towards your goals and who understand your project requirement. At times, you are required to put in more functionality to the project. Consequently, you realize that a mobile app can perfectly complement the solution you are developing. In case the vendor has unoccupied tech pros, you can hire them instantly.

What Does A Dedicated Team Mean?

So if you are struggling to develop a team for your startup or scaling your existing team, consider building an offshore dedicated development! You’ll gain access to a massive pool of expert software developers who can deliver top-quality software faster. And because they’re a value-adding extension of your business and not outsourced help, they’re in it for the long haul–just like you.

Main Advantages Of Dedicated Team Model

It is the go-to cooperation model for many world-renowned companies as well. Once a remote team joins the in-house team and becomes a part of the company’s talent pool, it is necessary to establish a sense of equality. Both in-house and remote workers need to understand they need to perform at the same level of productivity and quality. That is why you must impose the same standards upon all the employees. The dedicated team and the time & material models share some similarities, like efficiency and flexibility, and some cons, too.

In fact, the software provider acts more like a reliable partner than a temporary service provider. Program-Ace is a company based in Ukraine with a decades-long history of providing outsourcing and outstaffing services, including dedicated software development teams. Our great work in outsourcing and partnerships with other companies around the world has been recognized and rewarded by several organizations, including IAOP, Clutch, and ETSA.


You should start by searching for an IT outsourcing company that offers to hire developers for the project. Once you choose the company that suits your needs, is affordable, and has useful resources to cope with the project, then contact them to get more details about the process. If you decide on the terms and conditions of your cooperation, then you are ready to interview and build a dedicated team. Before hiring a dedicated development team, you should have an outlined development process of the project and requirements. Intellectsoft starts with the analysis of these requirements, technology challenges, and suggests the candidates.

We would love to hear about your project and help you choose the best cooperation model. Every our client gets fast access to professional resources without wasting time on recruiting. Employing the Dedicated Team Model for development, we have empowered our clients with more time and money which can be spent to boost strategy, research, and other crucial functions. You will also have clear insights on the progress and how soon the targets can be achieved. Not to mention, the Dedicated Team Model leaves no room for lags and holdups in communication.

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