It Is A Courageous Act To Get Sober

As an industry professional JourneyPure has become one of my most trusted resources. Patient care and engagement are always top notch, and I know that I can always trust that the patient and their families will be in the best position to recover. Solid clinically, and more importantly these are good and genuinely caring people.

My experience at Casa Palmera rescued me from a very dark time in my life. My expectations were consistently exceeded by the expertise of the staff, the content of the program, and the overall respect and care I was treated with.

If you’ve spent the last umpteen years being THAT girl or guy, partying hard, struggling through the days hungover, and doing it all again – sobriety means an entirely new identity. The more you scratch at it, the worse it’s going to get. Leave it alone, give it time, and it will go away on its own. Besides – allowing the fear of failure to completely influence big decisions like this is a cop out. It’s a dysfunctional version of “playing it safe.” You deserve better than that. Eventually, you will have to decide who to keep in your life and who to let go. That’s not going to be easy, but the alternative is to continue slowly destroying the one life you’re given.

Sobriety Fear #4: Youll Actually Succeed

Also, I was still in denial that my life was unmanageable and that I could still control my drug use and/or the lifestyle I was living. I didn’t know who I was or what purpose I was serving. Learning from my counselor the most knowledgeable thing was that I do have a purpose; I deserve the life I dreamt of as a kid.

Fear of Being Sober

Embrace sober firsts The temptation when faced with Foma is to cancel your social life until further notice and/or you’ve worked out how not to drink without feeling like a total loser. Rather, RSVP “yes” to each invitation that comes along and prove to yourself that you do not need alcohol to socialise.

I’m truly grateful I had the chance to be a part of Discovery Institute and had the counseling I’ve had since coming here. However, at some point, most people find that staying stuck in that harmful cycle is just too much. And so they find the courage within themselves to make a change. What’s wonderful about recovery is often there exists a wide number of people who are there to support you. Although the change might feel scary, you’re not alone.

Substance Abusers And Fear

This may work temporarily because alcohol is a depressant and a sedative, but ultimately it can pave the way towards alcohol addiction, and possibly worsen anxiety. According to Healthline, about 20% of people with social anxiety disorder also suffer from alcohol dependence. With 45 years of experience in treating substance abuse disorders, Clearbrook Treatment Centers can offer you a new way of living, free from the mental obsession and physical dependence of addiction. It’s unfair for us to think that we’ll just show up one day, say “I’m sorry” and everyone will instantly forgive the pain we’ve caused. We have to accept that we did some very hurtful things, but those mistakes are in the past.

Stress management is a critical focus in treatment centers, and you’ll learn how to replace destructive behaviors with more positive ones. The fear of being not liked by others is a common anxiety that many people experience when they’re entering a new and unfamiliar situation. This fear doesn’t just apply to those who are entering or leaving a treatment center, as this is something that almost everyone will experience at some point in their lives. Realizing you have a problem and coming to terms with the thought of your friends and family knowing about your addiction can be a big challenge. Some people feel embarrassed to admit this to loved ones, while others are simply in denial that anything is wrong.

Here are four helpful tips to deal with social anxiety. Without changing one’s lifestyle or other behaviors and thought processes simply isn’t enough. Taking away the substance doesn’t fix the problem that the addict or alcoholic was trying to solve through the use of the substance in the first place. When someone doesn’t replace their addiction with a healthy pattern of living or a new solution to dealing with life, they can end up feeling empty, discontent, and full of anguish. This is what’s referred to as “dry drunk syndrome.” It’s an addict or an alcoholic with no drugs or alcohol, and also no solution.

  • We can help you learn how to have the balance, calm, and peacefulness that you deserve.
  • A liquid that is or contains ethanol or ethyl alcohol produced by the fermentation of sugars.
  • Drug addiction and alcoholism are not a choice, they are in fact diseases.
  • An effect caused by the interaction of two or more substances that magnifies the effect to be greater than the sum of each substance’s individual effects.
  • Another common fear in sobriety is that you’ll wind up alone because no one will want to hang out with you.

If you love someone who seems to fear getting sober, we understand. Safe Harbor Recovery Center welcomes guests from all walks of life. We are ready to help you or a loved one overcome your fears and begin a journey to a joyful and healthy life in recovery. Never being able to drink/use again – With addiction, substances are integral to your routine.

Change takes time, and expecting to be blissful and sober overnight is unrealistic. Stress can be a major trigger that causes some people to engage in harmful behaviors. Extreme stress can even amplify these behaviors and make them worse than ever before. If turning to drugs or alcohol to handle stress has been your coping method, you’re likely fearful of how you’re going to handle stress without them. If you have a drug or alcohol problem, it’s likely that the people you hang out with will, too.

Fears About Sobriety Are Common, Even For People Who Desperately Seek It

Anyone that supports your desire to stay clean and sober. Per current guidelines, we see clients weekly for the first month. All treatment plans are personally tailored to each individual patient and your visits will ultimately be at the discretion of your doctor and councilors. Therefore, one is not trading one addiction for another addiction. They have traded a life-threatening situation for a daily inconvenience of needing to take a medication , as some would a vitamin. Yes, the physical dependence to opioids still remains, but that is a vast improvement over addiction, is not life-threatening, and it can easily be managed medically. It’s also important to note that the physical dependence pre-existed the buprenorphine treatment and was not caused by it.

Fear of Being Sober

In addition, your life in itself will not become boring. If anything, you are going to feel like a kid again with all new possibilities and doors open to you.

You can form authentic relationships built on mutual respect, interests, and understanding rather than just who is willing or available to drink or use drugs with you. We hear a lot aboutpracticing mindfulness, not just in the recovery community but in mental health in general. Practicing mindfulness means that you’re focused on the present moment and enjoying it for all that it is, rather than thinking about the past or the future.

Continue With Or Consider Individual Therapy

Getting better is undoubtedly a step into the unknown and it does take courage to press forward into sobriety. A center or hub that organizes recovery networks regionally and nationally to facilitate supportive relationships between individuals in recovery as well as family and friends of people in recovery. Centers may provide advocacy training, peer support organization meetings, social activities, job linkage, and other community based services. An ongoing process used to determine the medical, psychological, and social needs of individuals with substance-related conditions and problems. A mutual-help organization or peer support group for people who have been affected by a loved one’s alcohol use disorder. The focus is placed more on changing oneself and one’s patterns of interacting with the addicted loved one, rather than on trying to change the alcohol-addicted person’s behavior directly. For many people who are contemplating entering a treatment facility for help with addiction, there are often things they’ve done in the past because of their addiction that may have strained or broken important relationships.

Fear of Being Sober

Worried that they may be abandoned by the people they love or judged by others, some people refuse to admit that they have a drug problem or reach out to others for support. Yet without taking these steps, there can be no recovery. The flipside of the fear of failure is the fear of success. Most people dont consciously self-sabotage, but they have a deeply held belief that they dont deserve to succeed and, in so believing, never really put forth their best effort. Feeling doomed from the start, many allow self-doubt and fears of what others think to keep them from trying.

In this way, a person can use their fear in a constructive manner – letting their fear work for them instead of against them. In many cases, an individual started using drugs or alcohol as a means of coping with stress or numbing the pain of past traumas. When giving up the substance abuse, it can feel like giving up a source of comfort. This mentality is a lot like “I don’t want to leave an abusive partner because I’m scared of being single.” It’s always better to walk away from something harmful than to be overcome by it. At Choice House, we focus on replacing the false sense of security provided by drugs and alcohol with actual, healthy coping mechanisms – such as outdoor therapy, art therapy, yoga, and more. If you are sober and feeling fulfilled and happy, preventing dry drunk syndrome involves continuing to engage in a daily routine of recovery.

Addiction Info

Drug addiction and alcoholism are not a choice, they are in fact diseases. Let Right Path Treatment Centers treat you with compassion.

  • The occurrence of two disorders or illnesses in the same person, also referred to as co-occurring conditions or sometimes dual diagnosis.
  • If the goal of the program is to teach us a new way to live, we can certainly apply those principles to do the things that bring us joy, and to do them without feeling as if our sobriety is in jeopardy every time we do so.
  • It refers to acknowledging that there is a problem related to substance use/activity, but the individual is not yet ready or sure of wanting to make a change.
  • They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.” ~ C.
  • Learning from my counselor the most knowledgeable thing was that I do have a purpose; I deserve the life I dreamt of as a kid.
  • If you have a smartphone, I recommend downloading the Insight Timer app.

Living a sober life is often thought to be the best thing they've ever done. One of the predominant reasons why getting sober is hard is because most people who get sober initially don’t want to. They are afraid that if they do get sober they will lose the ability to have fun. They might be afraid that if they get sober they will have to face all of the things we mentioned previously – social interaction, getting a job, being fiscally responsible – these things can be intimidating. But for many people, the most intimidating thing of all about getting sober is a life completely free from drugs and alcohol. A life in recovery gives you the unique opportunity to develop healthy coping mechanisms.

New Patients

If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, don’t let the Fear of Being Sober and reclaiming your life stop you. Instead, work with our skilled team to learn how to overcome this pain for good.

I cannot recommend JourneyPure at the River enough for those struggling with addiction. Here’s a list of the most common fears many addicts face and things you can do to ease the apprehension. We have a team of financial professionals who providefree insurance verification. We will work with you to determine how to move forward with treatment in a way that works for you and your financial situation. It is crucial to have the right coping skills to handle anxiety and alcohol recoverywhile sober. Having tools to use when waves of anxiety hit can give you new ways of coping with stress in healthy manners. Significant changes in your life, routine, friends, and hobbies can all occur at once.

But you can deal with it and prevent it from hurting you any longer. My addiction was a mask for my shortcomings, and without alcohol, I feel awkward, oafish, blundering, and ungainly — and that’s when I’m fully clothed.

It wants us to romanticize our alcoholism, but when we “play the tape all the way through,” we see that such a romanticization is a lie. Enter your email address to follow Right Path and receive updates about addiction treatment news via email. A private and convenient solution when you are seeking addiction help for yourself or a loved one. Calls are Free, Confidential, and with absolutely No Obligation. Federal law and regulations do not protect any information about a crime committed by a patient either at the practice/program or against any person who works for the practice/program or about any threat to commit such a crime. Federal laws and regulations do not protect any information about suspected child abuse or neglect from being reported under state law to appropriate state or local authorities. An addict may not consciously attempt to self-sabotage their recovery.

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